Breakout Waikiki now offers discount validation ($6/2 hours)
at the Kings Village Parking Lot (entrance located on Koa Avenue)!

Important things to note:
-The garage clearance is 5'10"
-Breakout can only validate for 2 hours
-Extra parking can be purchased from the garage
(at the rate of $5 for every half-hour or $15 for 10 hours)
-Breakout customers will not be allowed to park in the garage after 10pm
-Kings Village Garage closes at midnight, please be aware of the time! 

Parking in Waikiki can be tricky...
Plan on giving yourself some extra time and also consider traffic and the time of day which can make parking even harder. To be safe, we suggest allotting around 15 minutes to find a parking spot that works for you. Worst case scenario, you arrive early for your room in which case we are happy to recommend some local food and drink spots for you to spend some time at!

Games will begin exactly at your start time!
Think of it like a train leaving the station. Once it's gone, it's very difficult if not impossible to board. The same goes for our rooms and, while we will do our best to work with you in extenuating circumstances, we cannot promise that we'll be able to accommodate your party if you arrive late. We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your start, allowing plenty of time to use the restroom and get signed in!

If you are looking us up on GPS, the address is a little confusing. Feel free to use these accurate coordinates 21.276974, -157.824712.

If you have any suggestions of other places to park, feel free to email us! We're happy to add to the list!

Honolulu Zoo - 151 Kapahulu ($1/hour)