Obama, Japanese Prime Minister remember Pearl Harbor during Final Hawaiian Vacation as President

Dec 27, 2016, 9:50 PM ET


Shaved Ice and 'Live-Action Escape:' Obama's Dad-Daughter Day Out
Saturday, Dec. 24

After President Obama enjoyed a roughly two-hour lunch with daughters Sasha and Malia Friday at Waikiki's Side Street Inn, the trio, along with the daughters' friends, headed to Breakout Waikiki, which bills itself as "Hawaii's first live-action escape room."

The venue allots guests roughly 60-minutes to escape from a room using codes and "your gut" by solving riddles.

The President and his daughters spent an hour-and-a-half inside the room, so whether they made it out, is unclear.

Afterwards, the group visited the president's favorite shaved ice spot, Kailua's Island Snow. According to the travel pool, Malia passed on partaking in the frozen dessert, but Sasha opted for a blue shaved ice treat.