How do I book a game?
Please book your experience online at our booking page ( or in person. We recommend booking online as spaces can fill up quickly. By booking a time, you have reserved the room for you and your group only. No one outside your group will be able to book with you, however if you want to add someone to your group (up to 8 people total) we can do that as soon as you arrive for your reservation! Company team building events can email for questions on booking a large group.

How early should I arrive?
Parking in the Waikiki can be tricky. Please give yourself some extra time, and arrive 20 minutes prior to your start time. Games will begin exactly at your start time. We are unable to wait if you are late, and you may have less than 60 minutes to play if you are not on time. There is a paid parking garage located directly the King's Village Shopping Center for those who are unable to find adequate street parking. Check out the parking page on our website for a map with other free and paid parking options.

Am I really going to be locked in a room?
The short answer is no; that doesn't sound safe or legal! You will be in a room with a locked door, but it is equipped with an exit button and you are free to leave the room at any time. Of course, leaving the room early disqualifies any record times, but we believe safety comes first!

How many people play? Is there an age/size/ability/mobility limit?
Each room has a minimum of 2-4 players but the more people you have on your team, the more your chances increase of breaking out! The maximum number is 8 players. Players 14 and under should be accompanied by an adult. All rooms are ADA accessible.  

How do I pay?
All games are paid online or in person at the time of booking. We only accept all major credit cards.

Can I book with my friends or family? Can I add people to my reservation?
Of course! We suggest one person book the slots for your entire group when booking online.  Every reservation is private so it will only be your friends and family working together to breakout.  You can also add more people to your booking when you arrive to our location.

Can you accommodate larger parties and events?
Absolutely! You can either book through our main booking page, or email us directly to rent our facility for your large party or corporate event. Email us at for a custom quote.

How long is each game?
Each game is 60 minutes, though we ask you to arrive 20 minutes prior to your experience for preparation and 5 minutes after to debrief and take pictures to commemorate your victory (or defeat!)

If I've done a room, can I do the same room again or will it be the same? 
The room and the puzzles will be the same, but if you'd like to accompany a group of friends on their adventure, you're more than welcome to. We simply ask that you be considerate of your fellow guests and allow them to enjoy the puzzles as you did! It is important to note that any groups containing previous attendees will not be eligible to set records. 

Something has come up, can I cancel my reservation? 
If you have to cancel, we will not be able to refund you the cost of your room. 

Something has come up, can I reschedule my reservation? 
If you the date/time for your booking no longer works for you group, please email us no less than a week prior to your event in order to reschedule. If you are already within a week of your booking, please call us immediately and we'll do everything we can to assist you. Please note that this is a live booking experience, so bookings at high volume times like nights and weekends will be much harder to reschedule. 

English is not my primary language; will that be a problem?
We are still working on the ability to provide each game experience in English, Japanese and Chinese. We are looking for team members that are multilingual. If you are interested, please email us at!